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Desc:An elderly monarch on the edge of senility encounters his usurper.
Tags:white people, monarchy, King Vitaman, cereals
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Comment count is 11
Maggot Brain
Nothing moves product quite like shouting the jingle.
These "Game of Thrones" clips need to be marked NSFW.
Innocent Bystander
Joffrey was a lot cuter as a kid.

Caminante Nocturno
Didn't Metallica write a song about this guy?
infinite zest
Even Merciful Fate knows that a well balanced breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if you live for the night. At first I read this as "King Vietnam."

Back then it was perfectly acceptable for the king of cereal to have a private breakfast with a < 10 year old child that is not related to him.
It's good to be the King!

Chex and balances.

That guy
100% MDR PER SERVING, you guys.
Stands for "Murder-Delirious Royalty". That's why there's a thin layer of blood on the camera lens.

infinite zest
You "didn't?" I just saw the King at the table two seconds ago you little lying shit. Tell me where the King is and this will be a lot easier.
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