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Desc:Now you know how SHE feels, creep!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:wendy, mabel, Time Travel Mishap, Gravity Falls, dipper
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 6
Maggot Brain - 2014-11-16
Good, but thought this was going to be more among the lines "I LOVED YOU SINCE YOU WERE A BABY!"
American Standard - 2014-11-16
This is a pretty amazing show. They can only get away with so much- Disney and all that- but they skirt the edge like mad.

But it must be serious work preventing Mabel from stealing every scene.
Xenocide - 2014-11-17
Apparently they get a lot of notes from the network. Alex Hirsch shared one on his blog once, where the Disney suits informed him that "Grunkle Stan cannot casually exclaim 'there is no God.'"

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-11-17
But I now will be picturing it in every episode now.

Xenocide - 2014-11-17
"Give it up, Tobey, this dream goes NOWHERE!"

I adore this show. The "Dipper's crush on Wendy" subplot started out as a dull cliche, but it's actually developed into the story of Dipper learning not to be a douchebag Nice Guy. This show teaches kids some pretty advanced but important stuff. Also, Rick and Morty now posses Stan's coffee mug.
Bort - 2014-11-17
I did like how this episode was the follow-up to Dipper and Mabel screwing up Time Dude's life, and they realized at the end that, animosity or no, they owed it to him to set things right. Not exactly Shakespeare, but it did say something about taking responsibility without being preachy.

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