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Desc:By apparently injecting bacteria with magnetotactic particles (?) biologists control their movement
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:biology, magnets, rednex, bacteria, Fucking Magnets
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Comment count is 11
What if we're like bacteria to some higher beings and they are doing the same thing to us?

*takes bong hit*
Well, U Twente IS in the Netherlands...

Most people seem to have been injected with something, that is attracted to money... It gets them doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

Oscar Wildcat
Could it be that simple, Cube? The mind reels... it all somehow makes sense now. All of it.

Maggot Brain
Nano-machines, son
technically; nano-cyborgs.

Okay. I laughed.
My girlfriend is a newbie biochemist. She assures me line dancing is typical after long hours doing the same lab procedure over and over.
Sanest Man Alive
suddenly, gun.
Jet Bin Fever
Cool project but why the mus... OH! They're European. Okay.
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