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Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:game, fatty, ragequit, settlers
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Comment count is 10
This dude is one of the most famous guys on the youtube isn't he?
Robin Kestrel
Yeah, and I guarantee you that he knows that iron and ore are the same damn thing in Settlers.

He's pretty famous; I don't know enough about the Youtube hierarchy to say exactly where he stands in the internet celebrity scale (perhaps JHMF can weigh in on the subject?), but *I* like him.

I don't want to spoil Santa, but most of us here are already aware of his deal, right?

He's a pretty intelligent, nice man, with a self-aware gamer parody persona. The couple of his real life persona vlogs have been extremely heartfelt and thoughtful. I've caught them randomly here and there.

Jet Bin Fever
Guy in back can't keep from smirking, weakens the act. Overall not a great bit anyway.
infinite zest
I've seen real bar fights break out over this game.

I love Catan, and I hate it.
I love the Cities & Knights expansion because there are interesting balance tweaks and collaborative aspects, but man, if you just make a single wrong move at the wrong time, that's it, you're the pegboy for the rest of the game. Then it's just waiting 2-3 hours to politely come in 3rd or 4th place. That's just no fun.

Needs "Heavy Breathing" and "ACTING!" tags.
People like this are why I hate playing Settlers of Cataan. (Although I've never seen that level of theatrics.)

Looks like the fat:skinny ratio here is pretty typical for the boardgaming groups I've briefly had any involvement with.
Whether or not this is real, I still like it. Also, treadmill in the background.
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