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Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Spongebob, sponge, spongebab, spenge
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Comment count is 27
kingarthur - 2007-03-11
Pandatronic - 2007-03-11
"If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar!"
Gurlugon - 2007-03-11
The description is actually pretty accurate
dead_cat - 2007-03-11
I was eating dinner while watching and nearly choked to death from the laughter. 5 stars!
Portaxx - 2007-03-11
This is what it's like to watch Spongebob in Silent Hill
Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-03-11
The sound effects make it
M-DEEM - 2007-03-11
yeah, that mario power-up sound was right on time with the rhyme
sudan no1 - 2007-03-12
DRR.... DRR....
Meatsack Jones - 2007-03-12
Sponge Bob impressionist porn. We have achieved all we can now folks. Last one out shoot the lights.
bitter_jesus - 2007-03-12
NSFW in the last 30 seconds due to sponge penis
Aubrey McFate - 2007-03-12
Tiny Tim played backwards is fucking horrifying.
bopeton - 2007-03-12
Fucking art.
HURF BLURF DUH - 2007-03-12
It genuinely makes me sad that lots of innocent kids will see this. Still awesome tho.
boner - 2007-03-12
Are you kidding? This would have been the best thing ever when I was a kid
ChocFullOfFunk - 2007-03-12
Innocent kids who see this won't be innocent for long.
athodyd - 2007-03-12
fourthguy - 2007-03-12
Caminante - 2007-03-13
I really want to go out and show this to kids. Just make them watch it.
Soundwave - 2007-03-15
five stars for nightmarishley ruining a childhood icon.
B_Ko - 2007-03-16
This is one of the most bizarre 4chan memes i have ever encountered.
erix - 2007-03-27
why it end with The Shaggs
Hooper_X - 2009-06-20
The Shaggs is totally the best part of this.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-03-30
Seconded for Most Bizarre Meme, love it.
Wintermute - 2007-04-09
i don't know what this is
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-05-08
Horrifying, but wonderfully so.
bang to buck ratio - 2007-09-13
This is all culled from the fanart section of some bent-ass fansite, right?
Sudan no1 - 2007-09-27
nope, 4chan.

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