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Desc:Right-wing extremists marching (involuntarily) against right-wing extremists. Thanks Neo-Nazis!
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Nazi, skinhead, Extremists, right wing, Neo Nazis
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Comment count is 7
This made me happy.
This is actually the best way to deal with organized bigotry. People have done things like this to the Westborough Baptists and it gets rid of them a lot sooner. Just put up a sign saying you'll donate $x to someone they hate for every half hour they're there and they take off a lot sooner.
It's like that X-Files episode where the only way to cure someone of a mind-controlling worm was to inject them with another worm so the two would kill each other like fighting fish.
"Oh yeah? We're just going to walk backwards so you'll owe US money. Your move, jew lovers!"
Probably a jew false flag

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