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Desc:I... just don't understand the hate for global warming. Why do you hate it so, conservatives?
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:news, fox, half, hour, 1/2
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Killer Joe
The answer to the Spears question should have been "Cause it's hot." Humor isn't hard, guys.
Using humor to desperately try and avoid admitting you were wrong.
4 stars for the vilification of the ACLU's suit against surreptitious drug testing!
Ed Begley Jr. jokes! How timely! This is painfully bad. I hope they suffer.
I love it when humor takes a backseat to an arbitrary politcal ideology and moral code
Shoots for the Daily Show, lands somewhere around Mad TV
But Cam, this isn't humor. I am conflicted... one star for crap? or five stars to draw attention?
"This causes polar bears to drown" *Audience laughter*
Global warming requires more religious faith than Christianity. Funny jab at the ACLU;they're evil.
Rights are criminals.... I must see more!
C. Eloi Marx
A comedy show less funny then Fox News' actual reporting; bravo sirs, bravo.
Rozetta, you are the bestest troll ever.
No, this somehow manages to be even less amusing than Mad TV.
It's like this show was written by a committee of dudes who've never heard of comedy.
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