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Category:Classic Movies, Science & Technology
Tags:Cars, vhs, tom cochrane
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Prickly Pete
Per wikipedia: "The last major Hollywood film to be released on the VHS format in the United States was A History of Violence." IS WIKIPEDIA WRONG OR IS THIS THE WORK OF THE ILLUMINATI??
If it's not fake, my guess it's that it's a screener. Promotional screeners (for reviewers, video stores, etc.) were still being made on VHS after there were no more commercial sales of the format for a little while. It's also possible it's some kind of weird pirated version or something.

That printing on the tape looks pretty real. The round icon to the left of the logo looks like it might be an age rating from a European country.

infinite zest
I think it's real. I remember getting VHSSCRs up until when I left the theatre in 2008 because they were more of a hassle to bootleg, in case someone stole or found it. A cautionary tale however, google Russell Sprauge. Yikes!

infinite zest
Once in a while I find old SCRs at the Goodwill, the best of which was a copy of "Alphaville" that turned out to be Alex Cox's Straight to Hell. Like that would throw people off? I only bought it because I thought it WAS ANYTHING BUT Alex Cox's Straight to Hell.

Flying Omelette
It's blurry and hard to see, but the age rating looks like a triangle in a circle, which is the Canadian Home Video rating. A lot of North American DVDs will have that on the back of the case if they were released in Canada or both US and Canada.

I think the best screener I got back in the video store days of my youth was an EP mode 2-on-1 Troma screener of Cannibal: The Musical (with the original cover art, back when a trade VHS of that was almost 0) with some 90s Troma sword and sorcery thing I forget the name of. It's actually on a bookshelf across the room but I'd have to pull some other tapes to get to it and coffee will be ready soon, so no.

I don't believe "proof" vids unless they play The Matrix soundtrack.
infinite zest
Tag suggestion though, that's not Tom Cochrane. It's Rascal Flats

Now this is journalism.

and then fall right back to sleep because you're watching fucking Cars.
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