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Desc:Welcome to the future, where cuddling is the future. Check your boners at the door.
Tags:cuddle, cuddler, sh
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 20
it's already an Everything Is Terrible bit.
And now to the weirder, creepier Seattle for something different for a change.
The show is in Seattle but the stuff they're showing is in Portland. Of course.

Good thing you got all that.

I just read today that there's a woman who holds cuddle parties in Seattle and has been doing it for 11 years.
Let's go, I'm BORED.

Spike Jonez
Video or it didn't happen.

I fucking love the Pacific Northwest. We're doing things right, it's the rest of you who are fucked up and weird.
It's a very mixed bag out there but I still mostly love it. Portland seems to be gentrifying fast though.

Whenever I worry that the PacNW is going to shit, I just walk down 4th Avenue in Olympia.

The Mothership
I've lived in the PNW for a long time but have to move to California for work. Gonna miss it. Some of it.
infinite zest
4 months from now I will probably be in Norway and I'm already missing the PNW just thinking about it, but the pay's good

infinite zest
I have no idea what happened with the description or the tags; I think it was an autofill. But I think I'll just keep them that way
That guy
needs 'superfluous boner' tag
Tell me more about this Ninja Pizzeria.
Opening my own East Coast cuddle cafe is starting to sound less and less like a crazy joke idea. I wish I had the ruthless edge necessary for success in business. I'd say my first batch of demure Cuddleeteers could cuddle it into me, but I don't think that's how cuddling works.
Wow, paying cold hard cash to be stuck in the friend zone.
Albuquerque Halsey
just get a fat dog.
Black Napkins
I describe the PNW to people who are from here by referencing Bill Hicks talking about London. This is the strange magical land. Do youself a favor and don't leave the shire.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
An extra will get you a BBBJCIM.
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