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Desc:Your biology lesson from the book that claims rabbits chew their cud & ants have 4 legs.
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:whores, LOL XTIANS, birth control, Steven Anderson, sex drive
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Comment count is 17
Man, if only.
Killer Joe
And, of course, in case anyone didn't know, his example of the Anette Funicello ad for the pill is a photoshop'd ad for sunscreen.

Monkey Napoleon
But, Dr. Shephard... whores are like funnest people!
If anything, the damn things'll slow your sex drive right down.
Hey preacher man you sure talk a lot. I got something else you can do with that pretty little chris evans looking mouth.

objectifying misogynists is so gratifying.
The Mothership
I lasted exactly a minute and a half.
So you didn't get to the part where he admits that he opted out of fifth grade sex education class (he calls it 'you-know-what class') for religious reasons, but he heard that the teachers are just training children to fuck?

You scorched my high score. Something about whores being hot to trot that green plasma. Fuck this planet.

Birth control turns women green.

Captain Kirk has taught me green women are easy.
Are they as easy as Earth girls?

I prefer to think of it as "turning Vulcan."

What's wrong with getting as much as you can? So long as it's consensual and you are safe, who cares?

I'm surprised you don't hate sex...you seem to hate everything else that is fun.

Also it's wrong because celibate monks wrote that it is...err, I mean GOD said it's wrong.

It's healthy to dislike a lot more than you do like.

Also to wish for Adam Sandler to drown in the north sea. Fuck him. Just seriously FUCK him. Drown already, motherfucko. Fuck him.

You don't dislike, you HATE.

Having a hate-gasim every time the thing shows up here is unhealthy.

0:06 seconds in
Jet Bin Fever
"you know what" education classes.
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