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Desc:Yer treadin on sacred grounnnnn...
Category:Fashion, Crime
Tags:country music, white people, awards
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Comment count is 13
Back when the ACM awards was one of the best things on TV.
Almost two minutes of pure entertainment with sound muted.
Jeff Dunham.

Fucking up the concept of "humor" since at least 1992.
Maggot Brain
I don't care whut nun of ya'll say, that taxi jacket is a smart look.
Jet Bin Fever
My favorite is the Cocker Spaniel in Diamond Rio.
In 5 years White Rachet will be hot shit.
If hipsters ironically appropriated this style, I would hate them slightly less.
I've seen it baby.

Do yourself a favor and do an image search on Coyote Calhoun, the last guy the pictured. He gets better with age.
I swear there's at least three Tim & Eric characters based on him

"Calhoun wrestled a live black bear before a packed house at Boutwell Auditorium in 1976. The fight abruptly ended after Coyote hit the bear over the head with a folding chair, annoying its handlers. When asked why he did it, Coyote replied, 'he started it.'" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote_J

Can we please round up every minute of footage on this guy stat?

Reba's Blade Runner look is making me understand why gay dudes love her a little bit more.
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