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Desc:I've never seen so much effort translate to such little result.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Robot, Magic, trying too hard, oh come on France
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 27
Why is that robot dancing to the Duffman Theme?
infinite zest
It'll always be the Ferris Bueller theme to me.. Yello are still unironically huge in Europe.

Robots are powered by beer!

Love the audience shots. "So, is he going to do something?"
infinite zest
I only kept watching until 3 minutes or so because I misinterpreted the title and thought it was an actual robot that could do little magic tricks. Gets kinda interesting after the 3 minute mark.. Big spoiler here everybody, it's not an actual robot.

Crab Mentality
You should have kept watching- in addition to this act needing lots of practice, it's also clearly expensive.

Though, it doesn't actually get any better, just pricier.

infinite zest
Oh I watched the whole thing, I meant I was gonna stop watching around then. Sometimes people confuse "until" and "after," or at least I apparently do :)

What the hell is Jose Mourinho doing there?
Binro the Heretic
He's no Shields neither is he Yarnell.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
I might also suggest a tag in the tradition of wtf japan, wtf america, etc.

"oh come on france"
Crab Mentality
Done! Thanks for the suggestion.

That guy
That's the perfect tag for the country that thinks it's more sophisticated than everyone.

European robot with dentures smokes cigarette while convulsing for 6 minutes.
With goofy public domain cartoon sound effects and that god awful Limp Bizkit Mission Impossible theme.... fucking hell.

Robin Kestrel
The people in the audience all appear as if they are contemplating suicide.
Or getting actively angry about having to keep watching this.

Jet Bin Fever
Polite clapping.
Thanks. That was excruciating.
His act is very clearly labeled, in large, red letters: "ROBOT!"

Just in case you were unaware of what he was laboring so hard to pull off so unsuccessfully.
Crab Mentality
Don't forget his applause sign, complete with hands to remind the audience what to do.

Dude, did you see those LIGHTNING FAST transitions/quick change things behind an... orange curtain, I think (it was so fast I can't remember the colour) ?!??!

This has to be the lousiest magic act I've seen, a complete amateur forced out onto that stage equipped only with a "magic kit" of the sort made for little kids (but no instruction manual) would not be half as awkward as this slow-motion 29-car pileup of an act.
Spit Spingola
Can't really justify the fact that I watched the whole thing, but it was better than Heartbeeps, at least.
It's his fetish.

Don't kinkshame.
Acts that end up on cruise ships forever.
Europe is the worst.
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