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Desc:This moved me to tears.
Category:Short Films, Educational
Tags:Space, carl sagan, Wanderlust, exploration, Space travel
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 8
Aelric - 2014-11-30
Hopeful future space stuff always makes me tear up. I thinks it's because I doubt we'll survive long enough to get there. And even if we do, I'll be long dead. Worst thing about mortality, you don't get to see where it all ends up.
Old People - 2014-11-30
I wish I could agree with you. I certainly used to think that way, and it still saddens me that I am part of the last generations of well-to-do white people that will age and die at a natural rate; the wrinkles are creeping in and they will only get worse. Now, though, I just want to live a life that is filled with love and good sex and occasional moments of ecstatic excitement; I've experienced just enough of those things to know that they are the moments that make me feel like my life is worth living, interspersed though they are with years of loneliness and bad decisions. My dream isn't to jump around on Jupiter or whatever; it's to save up enough, before I'm too old and gross, to live out my days in peace on a South Pacific island, fucking and fishing and chilling with folks and raising my kids in a place where they aren't living under the threat of nuclear annihilation.
All in all, mind you, if we don't nuke ourselves into extinction this century, I think that your great-grandchildren have a pretty good shot at doing cool space stuff. If you pass on your genes, a little bit of you will be looking through their eyes onto those distant and wonderful vistas.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-11-30
I say we manufacture a fake threat to get massive funding for space programs, sort of a Watchman type thing.

Sanest Man Alive - 2014-11-30
What do you think NASA's been trying to do for decades? Unfortunately, the only ones who ever took the bait were paranoid schizophrenics and aluminum foil fashionistos.

Corpus Delectable - 2014-11-30
So, all the people near Jupiter are dead from the radiation, especially Giant Cargo Bay Doors Peeper. Also, I hope they like it there, because they're in a *very* deep gravity well.

Oh, and that asteroid simply can't be spinning fast enough to simulate Earth-like gravity, or else it would fly apart.

We must never stop laughing at space elevator enthusiasts.

Let's see...what else? Oh! The whole thing is predicated on the capitalistic shell-game of "Opportunity." This is a holy word that makes people think that dying in a mine in some freezing asteroid hundreds of millions of miles away from anything like culture is anybody's idea of a good time.

Finally, by the time we've doubled our way to overcrowding this planet, please note that we're one doubling time away from overcrowding two planets. The Solar System may be big, but exponential growth always beats the growth of available volume. (k1*e^x will always outpace k2*x^3 in the long run.)

Good luck suckers! Ad astra ad nauseum!
Corpus Delectable - 2014-11-30
Almost forgot: Blimps on Mars! Ha!

Old People - 2014-12-01
Could it be that they are using futuristic technology that is beyond our current capability and comprehension?

fedex - 2014-11-30
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