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Tags:Bjork, Björk
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Comment count is 12
"Jerk" is what I think of when I see her too. Jerk... MY COCK THAT IS!!!!
Well that was informative
she sounds like shes a witch, her voice annoys greatly
She sounds sweet as a cake, her voice makes my heart smile.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, I've always liked her somehow. I shouldn't and have no reason to, but I do.

Why shouldn't you like Bjork? Everyone likes Bjork.

Everyone who counts, that is.

I already knew the correct pronunciation but it's wonderful to hear her say it. She always makes me think of some sort of magical wood fairy or something.
infinite zest
Interesting. I've known a fair number of Icelanders, and in conversation I might bring up Bjork, since I couldn't think of any other Icelandic celebrities, and always pronounced it the same was as you'd say "Bjorn Borg." Maybe they were just polite.

You mean you didn't bring up Icy Spicy Leoncie? You bring shame to the house of poeTV!

Do you like sulfur?
Kid Fenris
"Think of jerk...like Lars von Trier..."
Maggot Brain
I don't know when I'll get a chance to write this next but I once saw Bjork singing Schism by Tool at a Karaoke bar in New York.
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