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Desc:My 2000th submission.
Category:Crime, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:karaoke, Morris Day, horrible karaoke infinity
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Comment count is 13
Juice Eggs McKenna
Surely an auspicious moment
Jet Bin Fever
I recently passed 20,000 votes myself! Congratulations baleen.

Great choice for 2,000. Congrats.

infinite zest
Congratulations! Reminded me to check my own; I'm getting close to 666!

It probably says somewhere on here, but what are the parentheses next to the stats for?
I have never been able to understand that myself.
I assume they are submissions that are in "limbo" as far as being processed internally. I don't know what determines when they become tabulated. I know I have 2,000 submissions, but it's stuck at 1999 with (2) next to it. Maybe it changes when maintenance is run or something.

infinite zest
Woah creepy! I was curious about my old username on here, which got suspended for no reason I can think of, and the total # of submissions between the two comes to 777!

I think the number in parentheses is your rank among all users in that particular statistic.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, that's your rank among all users. I think someone passed up baleen... maybe Old Zircon? All those keyboard videos he submits, I guess.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, it was him. He just passed 2,500! Gotta get more Bollywood up here baleen.

Aww shit!
I think a lot of it is my absence from 73q as well.
OZ is a lot more active than I am and honestly he submits a lot of good stuff so I don't care.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Better than Pomplamoose
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