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Desc:Justice, one shell at a time. Made for the Grindhouse Trailer contest for SXSW. NSFW.
Category:Short Films, Crime
Tags:Trailer, Shotgun, grindhouse, hobo, hobo with a shotgun
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Testicles of Doom
I'd watch it... if only it were real.
I know the people who made it and they just wrote the first draft for the full length feature, heres hoping

I'm pretty sure it's shot on video, but the film simulation is pretty decent.
Jacques Strap
Jews in Hollywood, please greenlight this film. Thank you.
Yes, Aryan Masters! We shall!

I honestly think this movie would do well.
Am I the only one who thinks the hobo looks like a cross between Scorses and DeNiro?
I think I saw a bit of Mel Gibson there as well

See, this is the kind of movie America needs.
Looks better than Snakes on a Plane.
Hell actual snakes on a actual plane would be better than Snakes on a Plane, that said id pay good money to see this as a feature length film. Printing money i tell ya, printing money!

Please become real.
Hollywood, why the hell are you making things like Rush Hour 3 and Who's Your Caddy, when you could be making something like this? Has your market research failed you that badly?
Your market research has failed you. Rush Hour 3 grossed 250 million and Who's Your Caddy will also make mad money. Stupid movies make stupid profits.

Hollywood rarely takes a chance on a movie that you and I would watch because we will either rent it, see it at a discount theatre after the initial run, or just steal it. Buddy pictures are safer.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Not enough violence.

j lzrd / swift idiot
All that is right with the world.
God bless hobos and shotguns.
"We're takin' a car ride to hell...and you're ridin' SHOTGUN!"
Shotgun Jackson
My Hero!
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