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Desc: Pasadena Bear Encounter
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Old People, bear, CCTV, IGNORE ME, ignorance is bliss
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Binro the Heretic
"Aaah! SHIT! What do I do? What do I do? Those creatures are really dangerous! Maybe...if I stand really still in the shadows, here...PHEW!"
Can bears apply backstab damage on a bite attack? I guess he must have, since that old woman couldn't have lasted more than a single combat round.
well he won the initiative roll... even if he can't backstab, i still think he should get crit damage for having initiative.
plus that old lady's cloth clothing probably has 9ac or worse, so he's inflicting full damage. one combat round for sure.

Bears get 3 attacks, plus if it was a high level bear it would have a special attack being 'bear hug'. So three attacks and a successful grapple check? I don't think the old lady stood a chance. But I'm curious as to why he attacked her first and not the man? She must be a spellcaster that he wanted to nullify quickly. I'm not sure why the man went back inside? Maybe he has potions in his lock-cabinet that he doesn't carry in his backpack? Or maybe he used the telecommunications device in his house to contact the nearest druid? Either way, its a pretty sweet encounter with a custom made bear.

I've got it.

We, the audience, think we spotted the bear. The twist is, the bear actually made his hide check ON US. That old man going back into the house? *That* old man is not *the* old man. That old man is really the bear, expertly disguised in the now-dead old man's things. The sneaky bear has deceived us all, and now he's going to live like a king in the old man's house, with nobody any the wiser.

Old People
Also, a true gentleman of the Greatest Generation always leaves his bitch to be devoured.
"I don't remember having a statue right there, oh well"
That guy
Bear's hide check is a 10. Not good at this short distance.
Let's roll for the old people. 14.
Adjusted, that's a..... THREE? A three?
Their spot check is minus 11? Come on.
3 stars because that old man taked fuking forever to open and lock the door
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