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Desc:A 20 second nightmare.
Tags:Furries, short and sweet, Mr Ed
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Comment count is 11
Jesus Christ, the entire channel.

This is that "Buff Dalmatian" guy, right?
infinite zest
Yeah. Who knew he could spoof so well?


A gem in the related vids.
infinite zest
Holy shit!

So which one of you is submitting that?

Done. In the hopper now.

voting it up

That guy
I closed this in disgust, then had to reopen the tab because I remembered what site I was on. Stars.
Kid Fenris
Oh! You ARE sick...
To be honest, the mask reminds me more of Anubis (jackal-headed Egyptian god) than it does a horse. The muzzle is rather short for a horse.
You have to admit (well, ignoring this particular clip), this guy is pretty good at what he does. and at least he's in decent shape. It's still creepy as hell to see him out on the street, but the musical Cats was basically just his shtick with singing and dancing.
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