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Desc:The crowd praised this act of supreme crapiness.
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:Robots, hebocon, crapiness, allegories to the evolution of life
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Comment count is 19
Killer Joe
Colonbot? No way.
It is far too expensive.
Bad robots should win.
What's that wizzing sound?
An internal gyroscope.
You're disqualified.

Sanest Man Alive
Five stars for "Crappiness trumps strategy".

Favorited for Tsukubot 3's underdog victory.
I want to start a similar competition for animation.
It will be marvelous.
MacGyver Style Bomb
It's called Newgrounds.

This is exactly what I needed today.
I need a hobby where giving up and going to the bar is a lauded option.
blue vein steel
5 for dildobot with built in tissue dispenser
Crappy robots, wonderful humans.
Whatever happened to those shows about robots with buzz saws and flippers?

Also, the arena had a ton of deathtraps. I wonder if there's a squatter in the warehouse where this arena war built trying to sleep between spike traps and not realizing it.
*was built

That guy
5:52-6:00 with the winner hamming it up with a trophy made by a 9 year old
It's like Big Hero Six, but in real life.
Goddamn it this made me smile.
Hugo Gorilla
Having fun for the sake of having fun.
Let's just all rename Rosh Hoshanah "HeeboCon".
This is the best thing. maybe ever.
Dance McPants
Godspeed little inept robots
pyslexic dharmacist
*slow clap*
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