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Desc:Good ol' TFTD...
Category:Video Games
Tags:x-com, Terror from the Deep, OpenXcom
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Comment count is 13
Well, at least they got out of the ship this time.
infinite zest
I loved this game. Does anyone know the origin of the scream? It is (or was) as ubiquitous for games as the Wilhelm or Howie scream is for movies.
Jet Bin Fever
Oh god, the memories. The terrible, frustrating memories.
infinite zest
Yeah. I really can't think of a harder game. Would you believe me if I told you that I beat it? If I remember correctly, the ending was just like "thanks for playing, here's a bit of 90s CGI to enjoy. Play again?"

Jet Bin Fever
I just looked it up, and yep... that's about it.

C'mon, the original was such a cakewalk that they had to up the difficulty, right?

Yeah my vote for hardest is a tie between the XCOM series and Jagged Alliance, the game you pretty much had to save between each round fired that actually hit.

Tough American Bouncer
Original was cakewalk only because it had bug where difficulty changed to very easy after the first mission. Granted it does not have hellish multipart terror or base missions, but patched Xcom can be a challenge.

infinite zest
Oh god I forgot about that game. I think I had Yeah that might have been harder than TFTD. I wouldn't know because I didn't care and gave up pretty early on. I looked up "hardest video games" and askmen.com told me that Battletoads is the winner, but really that one level was just pattern recognition and felt like pinball to me so I beat it pretty easily after a few frustrating attempts and the rest of the game was pretty easy. Jagged Alliance was just.. argh.

infinite zest
(whoops, meant to say "I think I had 2 but Yeah..")

Jet Bin Fever
Jagged Alliance 2 is still one of my all time favorites. It's hard until you learn resource management and fun tricks for survival. The redneck level was always a favorite. You piss them off (or offer your female merc as a bride) and they all run at you with their shotguns. Ahh memories. The merc interactions were really great too, especially when they hated each other. The low class, cheap mercs were my favorite because they had the best dialogue.

"I'm bleedin' - I mean, bad, like the time I bit myself on the ankle. That's like a long story though."

infinite zest
I should give it another shot. I got it for like 3 dollars whereas TFTD was like all the money in the world when you're 12 years old.

Chocolate Jesus
best xcom
Caminante Nocturno

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