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Desc:Boners was recorded before a studio audience that was alive!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:television, dogs, boners
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Comment count is 5
Is Boners a real thing? Where can I find the original? It looks like most of this was faked by EIT, but if someone somewhere actually filmed Boners, I would like to see it. Boners, I mean.
If EIT started faking stuff at this level I would be all for it.

infinite zest
I'm pretty sure it's legit. Back when my family had a Poodle my aunt would get us stuff like this and the Weimaraner family videos for Christmas, and I remember some game show parody on one of them. Those videos probably still at my parents' house actually. Next time I go over there I'll ask if they've seen it, since they don't throw anything away.

infinite zest
As for the Boners thing, these were sort of TVPG to TV14 material, so it was suitable for dogs 2 years and up.

Boomer The Dog
Back to the days when Doggie lip-sync was done with a pup chewing a treat, I remember that on the old weekend matinee TV for kids, like Pippi Longstocking or something, magical shows where Dogs talked that way.

Julia Chow looks more like a Samoyed, and in the opening montage with owners' legs, any Dog is going to look up to your face when you talk to them, not keep looking straight ahead, so that was a little bit unrealistic.

I'd watch Boners too, Homer.

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