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Desc:Extremely quotable trailer for this forgotten Dreamcast classic
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:DC, survival horror, puke with pleasure
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I remember when I first saw this in ODCM. Couldn't stop laughing for at least 15 mins.
I actually Wiki'd this to see if it's a real game....It is.
PLAY THIS. Dreamcasts are like, a nickle, these days, so that's no excuse
Yeah, unfortunately, this is a real game. It is 5 stars worth of bizzare campy cheese.
I have Illbleed, I never shit in fear, although it is creepy.
i dunno. last time i pucked with pleasure, i ended up with a kid nine months later.
A Virtual Puktastic Miniskirt House of Exciting Blood Vomit!
Testicles of Doom
YOU'LL SEE DEAD PEOPLE... THEY'LL SEE YOU is almost sort of clever
Ohhh shiiit maximum bleeding
and i'd be the sad bastard who got every ending.
Caminante Nocturno
Why the Hell is this the first I've heard of this game? Why aren't games like this released every month?
Princess v2.1
Not enought stars. The horror-techno is freakin awesome.
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