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Desc:It's time we came to terms with our past.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:the simpsons, Do The Bartman, childhood nostalgia gone awry
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Kid Fenris
This needs a Michael Jackson tag for several reasons.

I forgot about this, and I wish it'd stayed that way.
Jet Bin Fever
Funny how they later parodied this stuff with the "Bart Gets Famous" Episode.
The Mothership
"Say the line, Bart....."

I remember this better than most episodes, but probably not for the reasons they intended.
Let's be honest with ourselves: we were ALL doing the Bartman, every last one of us, every chance we got.
I wasn't, but that is mostly because I had severe social anxiety and I was alienated by the thought of Bart Simpson being so "cool". I enjoyed The Simpsons, and I looked up to Lisa as a sort of older sister / self-projection character, but I liked neither cool music nor hip dances, with the result being that the Bartman both frightened and saddened me.

I had a similar reaction to Kris Kross in second grade. Our teacher put them on during our classroom's end-of-year party, and I nearly broke down into tears.

Never noticed the 'Parental Shadows' from Life In Hell at 2:20. Probably because I had never seen Life In Hell when this was current.
I went roller skating the other day (first time and 20 years, still have the bruises on my knees) and I told the young folk this was one of the songs we used to skate to.
The roller rink arcade also had the Simpsons arcade game.

It seems like ancient history, when you're skating to Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and the closet thing the arcade now is a Family Guy pinball machine

infinite zest
That's weird. I sometimes go on rollerskate dates (I bring my own rollerblades because Rollerblades, man) to this place that used to have TMNT, The Simpsons (I think) and a few others, and now it's all pinball and driving games, and I think Tekken 2. I like pinball and all, but it's nearly impossible to do it on rollerskates. That being said, I like to go there just for the pinball because it's all 25 cents.

As for this song, I seriously thought it was only a minute long or something.

il fiore bel
I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, and you can't prove anything.
Me too...NOT. ME NOT TOO.

This song would still be playing today if we lived in the alternate reality in which Black Bart was real.
This was the first CD I ever owned.
Yellow Lantern
Pretty sure this cassette didn't leave my Walkman for an entire year
Back when the Simpsons animation was fun.
I never realized how terrible it was.

I know we all hate the last decade and a half's worth of the Simpsons, but let's not pretend the first season wasn't, in hindsight, pretty bad in its own ways.

Spit Spingola
I prefer Deep Deep Trouble
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