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Desc:The post SECOND post-credits scene from the Avengers
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Marvel, Avengers, easter egg, shawarma, had to google it
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 37
Binro the Heretic
The thing I like best is the lack of banter.

They look like a group of people who busted their asses to save the world and just want to eat some shawarma.
Yeah, it was a great wrapup to the movie.

infinite zest

The part that I like is, none of them look like they're even enjoying it, but they've committed to eating shawarma and they're going to see it through to the end.

Except for Banner, who seems to be having the best (if still tired) time. He just helped save the world and was accepted as a hero and friend by a bunch of awesome people.

He's really enjoying that schwarma.

Apparently Chris Evans has his hand on his chin because by the time they shot this scene (it was something of an afterthought) he had already started growing the beard he would wear in Snowpiercer. Or so the story goes.

infinite zest
Shit.. talk about a great movie that everybody should have gone and seen.. Snowpiercer was one of my favorites last Summer. Didn't realize he was also the Human Torch. Seems like that would've come in handy.

Everyone on this website knows about this. Those 20 seconds of bullshit could have payed for my college.
Caminante Nocturno
I think we all know this scene was a better investment.

LOL fucking roasted. You've still got it after all these years Caminante

John Holmes Motherfucker
Honestly, I didn't know about this scene until the fifth time I saw the movie, which was two days ago.

Another home run by...CAMINANTE!?!?!?

Caminante Nocturno
Something about Thor taking that big, crunchy bite at the end makes me laugh. I think it's the buildup to it.
The Mothership
Nothing happens. But it's funny cause a bunch of Lilly White superheroes enjoy some ethnic food?
damn those white people, they've done it again

John Holmes Motherfucker
I think it's funny because nothing happens. Also, I love this scene because it really feels like New York.

Currently TRIGGER trending on poetv:

-Seeing anything more expensive than their college education

-white people

Binro the Heretic
It's funny because even after a near-apocalypse you can still find a place to get shawarma in New York.

See the people in the background working around and sweeping up the debris? Even with alien marauders rocketing through the city unleashing havoc, they were still, like, "Should we close up for the day? NAH! Someone will sort this out."

Caminante Nocturno
Of course a movie about white superheroes would show the Capitalist system in such a positive light.

Needs another Harry Dean Stanton cameo!
infinite zest
Say what!?! If Harry Dean's in this movie I might need to watch it.

He is in it for about 30 seconds. But he is definitely in there.

Binro the Heretic
I hated that his cameo got shaved down to the point it didn't actually make a lot of sense. It was like, "And here is a guy who is played by Harry Dean Stanton. He doesn't get to do much, but here he is."

At least he got more screen time than poor Max Von Sydow in "The Wolfman" which was NONE AT ALL. Seriously, Max Von Sydow agrees to make an appearance in your shitty movie and you edit him completely out? What the fucking fuck?

John Holmes Motherfucker
That was Harry Dean Stanton? I thought Stan Lee had shaved his mustache.

infinite zest
Heh.. my cousin wrote and directed a movie with Max Von Sydow in it called "Branded." I love you cuz, but it's not the best movie you'll ever see (his new film looks a lot better.) Anyway Mr. Von Sydow gets top billing for about 2 minutes of actual footage, featured prominently in the trailer, and then just literally disappears like Darth Sidious (trust me, if you decide to watch the movie that's not a spoiler.) The man is a fucking legend and if nothing else that film gave him the respect he deserves.

This scene led to one of my favourite oswald sarcastic comments.
Then they finished saving
the world and got hungry
they tried some
Crab Mentality
This seems a bit mainstream for this site. A good scene, yes, but the sort of thing that nobody missed, and was well reported by other popular outlets.
Robin Kestrel
Yeah, is this really an "Easter egg"?

Also, not everyone likes cucumber.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I dunno. Seemed like it to me when I found it on the fifth viewing. I used to be someone who sat through ten minutes of closing credits, but now we have the IMDB.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>This seems a bit mainstream for this site. A good scene, yes, but the sort of thing that nobody missed, and was well reported by other popular outlets.

Are you complaining to me for submitting it, or are you complaining to the people who voted for it?

Me? I'm not having it. People posted the trailers for these Marvel movies, which got hugenormous coverage elsewhere at the same time, and they were voted up, presumably because people wanted to discuss these things in here.

If this was too mainstream, it would have been voted down.

I call shenanigans, Thor's meal does not look like shawarma.

Thanks for posting, was not aware of this..
*Shawarma gas keeps boys away
Can we make a new rule that all such scenes are to be shown after ~30 seconds of credit rolls, after which they go back to the rest of the credits? Fuck sitting through the entire thing just to see if they put something there.
(what happened to Thor's beard?)

Sanest Man Alive
SHIELD evacuated Jane Foster to safety or something. It was easy to miss, being a single line of dialogue and all.

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