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Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:sword, swordfighting, Skallagrim
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 19
The Mothership
Basic friction coefficient; wearing even the thinnest gloves makes perfect sense. Neat to see though.

Also that is a total wierdos garage.
If someone came at me with a sword I'd probably just shoot them
I would ride away on my horse while firing a crossbow behind me.

like at 0:35?


Walking away, flicking a cigarette while an explosion bursts behind me, wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket.

Roll "Jumpin' Jack Flash", credits up.

Oddeye's comment makes me wonder if Skallagrim hates Mount & Blade because of it not being realistic enough, he probably does, right?

If someone came at me with a sword I'd give them a swirlie and stuff them in their locker.

This guy hates Mount & Blade?? How is that possible? The game is fucking awesome, double so with mods.

I've watched most of his vids, and I don't think he's ever opined on M&B. I can't imagine him hating it, though; can't imagine anyone hating it, to be honest.

What's y'alls favorite weapon loadout? I usually use a Masterwork Bardiche, Warbow, and (Bastard Sword/Katana/Maul, depending on circumstances) for field battles (Courser mount), while I prefer 2-h Morningstars and Warbow with double ammo for siege defense, 2-h Morningstar, Warbow, and Huscarl shield (to be used while scaling walls and discarded once inside) for siege offense.

If someone came at me with a sword, I would cast magic missile.

if someone came at me with a sword i would run, that person is a retard

If someone came at me with a sword, I'd just turn into the Hulk and crush them with my comically large green fists. I'm always angry. That's my secret.

Robin Kestrel
If it is classic M&B, nothing beats couched lance damage, in my experience. In Warband, not so much.

I'm a Warband guy myself. Lances were too much of a pain in the ass for far too little payoff; while it sucked occasionally getting one-shotted by a Khergit lancer during the first thundering charge, once the battle was joined, lances were pitiful compared to a galloping bardiche death-chop.

Nice. I'll definitely remember this for my next sword fight.
I'm pretty pro Skallagrim at this point, but watching him beat on that tire will never stop cracking me up.
Skallagrim's goofiness is part of his charm.

I used to half-sword all the time but then I stopped thinking about if it would happen and just focused on us all having a good time.
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