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Desc:The first four episodes edited into a movie, with violence from the Japanese version restored.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Anime, voltron
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Comment count is 5
I remember when this first came out (the sanitized version); the lack of violence wasn't disappointing, with Japanese cartoons you sort of got used to reading between the lines and interpolating violence where appropriate.

The disappointment was what it looked the show was going to build to. We heard the legend of a warriorbot who was broken into five pieces, and I said, "okay, so it's going to be a quest for reassembling Voltron, cool". But then next thing you know, it turns out they already have all the five lions ready to go, including matching uniforms and waterslides. They completely skipped past what could have been the interesting part.
Potential scenario: the first lion to be discovered is being worshipped by a cargo cult. At the end of the episode, it is decided that simply taking it would disrupt their society too much. Later, they come back with the second lion and engineer a situation wherein they rig their lion to look like it can talk, and secretly pilot and do the same to the first lion. "COME, BROTHER, WE ARE NEEDED ONCE MORE." "BUT WHAT OF MY CHARGES?" "YOU ARE NOT THEIR PROTECTOR, THEY ARE YOURS, AND BY THEIR EFFORTS, THE STARS MAY YET BE SAVED." Stuff like that.

That would be pretty good all right.

There's another problem too. The original Voltron was supposed to be a robot with a mind of its own, at least that's the impression I got. So I guess that, by the time we've got five pilotable lions, Voltron is dead and now they're flying his dismembered corpse. Good times!


infinite zest
I think I was a bit young to even care if things were edited out or not with Voltron; the first time I did was with Dragon Ball Z, because I was in Japan and it was the coolest thing for a 13 year-old me, and I'd get back to the states and whoever actually got up to watch it 5AM was a sucker because they cut out so much, and not just the blood (not that there was much in the first place) but big chunks of the original's plot.

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