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Desc:What to do if you're kidnapped by kidnappers driving an extremely impractical car for kidnapping.
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:Ferrari, rich people, escape artist, body contortion
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Comment count is 11
fedex - 2014-12-28
that laugh at the end
duck&cover - 2014-12-28
Really better suited to dwarfs, double-amputees, and clowns.
SolRo - 2014-12-28
Trunk releases have been mandatory for over a decade now afaik. If you use your very shriveled imagination I think you can probably figure out why even a trunk too small for an -adult- still has to have one.

Also cars don't explode, but they can go up in a fireball if their gas tank, not the engine, is severely ruptured. The gas tank is never under the engine. It's on the opposite end of a car for space and weight distribution reasons.

SolRo - 2014-12-28
Ugh, reply was for zest

infinite zest - 2014-12-28
Well, this raises more questions than the video answers. Like, where did they get such an expensive car (I'm assuming they're software developers or something) and why is there a release inside of such a small trunk (I've put myself in sedan trunks with my friends before and have never seen such a thing, only in U Hauls because that's pretty easy to do..)

Anyway, I thought they sort of outlawed the trunk in the front/engine in the back thing after the old Beetles for Civilian models because you're most likely going to get rear-ended before you plow into something, so they'd explode if you got rear-ended and if you did hit something, there was no protection.. I dunno. Racecars still have them in the back; maybe Ferarri gets a pass because it's not really the same as a commuter vehicle, but I'd also assume that if you own a Ferarri, you want to drive it really fast, on a race track or something, and if you're not a pro, well, best of luck..
hammsangwich - 2014-12-28
There are several high end supercars that are rear engine like all of Lamborghini's current line and the Porsche 911.

Raggamuffin - 2014-12-28
There is no rule that says the engine has to be in the front, it's just usually the most practical place to put one. A rear engine car will be extra heavy in the back end, and can sometimes swing too wide and spin the car if it turns hard. The only car I can think of that is still built this way is the Porsche 911. A Ferrari like this one will have the engine in the middle, so the weight is evenly distributed among the wheels and the car should hopefully be as stable as possible.

As far as getting rear ended, if anything you are probably better off in the beetle since the fuel tank is way up front and if anything is going to blow up in a collision, it's that.

infinite zest - 2014-12-29
Wow. Seems like the engine in the middle would be a huge pain in the ass, if you needed to pour in coolant or jump your battery.. then again, Alfred's probably on the way already in the spare Lamborghini..

SolRo - 2014-12-30
Oh, you think a two seat, quarter million dollar car with a tiny trunk might be impractical because of where the engine is located?

and a quick search shows that the batter in this car is actually accessed through the passenger footwell.

SolRo - 2014-12-30
And not to hate on the mid-engine cars exlusively, but a lot of modern car internals are packed so densely that what used to be simple repairs or replacements require disassembling big pieces of bodywork or removing bumpers/etc.

Raggamuffin - 2014-12-30
See, that's why my car can also turn into a helicopter. You break down somewhere? Boom, just turn into a helicopter and just fly right on out of there.

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