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Desc:It's a bad driver video.
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:bad driver, happy ending, spacially unaware
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Comment count is 16
Yes, finally she gets it.
I don't think she learned anything at all. She would have done it again and again if that black car hadn't taken her spot.

It would be more hilarious if she decided to try another gas station. Clearly the problem is they have backwards pumps at this one.

I wonder if this happens every other time she goes to get gas.
My dogs do something similar when they're settling in for a good nap.
Wow, sped up british people look just like hamsters. this is not surprising to me at all.
90% of Benny Hill's humor is based on this fact.

Why Yakety Sax works so well.

She's not an ambi-turner. She can't turn left.
I'm worried that she might have just had a stroke.
And I'm also laughing at her.
You're officially a PoE vet.

When my dad started getting dementia his driving started getting somewhat uncertain and people were honking at him for sitting at a green light for a microsecond longer than he had to, or signaling a turn and then realizing he needed to turn a block later and going straight. People used to swear at him and give him the finger and he was just a confused old man trying to get to his son's house and not really understanding what the problem was.

Anyway we finally convinced the doctor to take his license away and I think in a way he was relieved that he didn't need to drive any more. And so were we, we tried to get him to stop driving for years before that.

There's often a little icon on your fuel gauge to remind you which side your fuel tank is on.

Since no one actually knows about this, it seldom does anything.
Not being a smartass, but thanks for telling us that.

infinite zest
What I wanna know is why she's getting in and out on the passenger side :p

pyslexic dharmacist
I thought that was just a Prius thing because sometimes it really has been months since your last fillup. And living in Oregon doesn't help.

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