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Desc:Or, How I Choose to Remember 2014
Tags:2014, FHRITP
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Comment count is 15
Dupe her right in the pussy! http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=141326
I'm going to ask for a judges ruling on this one. The other video used bad tags and not the original url.

Well, the bad tags thing is kind of a wash.

infinite zest
I wasn't sure how to keep the tags SFW language-wise but I added another one. However, it's 2015 so hopefully we'll have no more use for it. :)

infinite zest
Plus while a few of these are dupes a lot of these ones weren't in the one I submitted. Plus it's good to know that someone else was feeling the same way about 2014.

Hugo Gorilla
2014's second favorite catchphrase; "Sorry about that."
The dumb, smug, naughty little gins that appear on the perpetrators before and after.
Can 2015 be the year of 'Fuck him right in the ass'?
Rodents of Unusual Size
"Fuck her right in the pussy!"

"They got to know him other ways as well."
The Mothership
Was this a San Francisco thing? So many of these are from the Bay.
Jet Bin Fever
I like it when they said the bad words!
Rodents of Unusual Size
yes and the sexual harassment of anchorwomen physically amps this up to five stars

Jet Bin Fever
Ahh, I missed that part.

I didn't know FHRITP was a thing, let alone a thing that could have enough material for a "best of."
On one hand, most news reports on the street are gimmicky and an irritatingly vacuous way of presenting non-stories.

On the other hand, the idiots disrupting the reports seem equally idiotic.
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