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Desc:Newly debuted acceptance/fetish j-pop girl group. Submitted more for the concept than the music.
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:fat, jpop, Chubby, SFW fetish
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Comment count is 22
Jet Bin Fever
What a bunch of porkers!!
Repulsive. Like they threw some dresses and wigs on a pack of whales.

On the real, though: the average weight (for all genders combined) in Japan is 130.11 lbs (to USA's 180.62 lbs), so maybe they are exceptionally overweight relative to their peers?


Jet Bin Fever
It was an interesting experience moving back to America after I lived in Japan for 7 months. I remember landing in Chicago and just being amazed by the fat people. I had forgotten how awful we've become.

Last I heard we've dropped below #30 in the list of fattest countries in the world, we can't even get that right anymore.

People gives the Brits crap for bad teeth, but the Japanese are very underrated in this category.
wtf japan
Like most things in Japan, fucked up teeth are a fetish. It's called yaeba. You can get your teeth professionally fucked up if you want. In Japan.

Yaeba is mostly for chicks with fangs, like Dani Jensen, right? Or am I misunderstanding? Is there a separate Japanese fetish for girls with gap teeth, or does that also fall into yaeba?

wtf japan
Who the fuck is Dani Jensen?

Anyway, the gap toothed fetish is a Western thing. Dents du bonheur and whatnot.

She's an American porn star. She's been doing a lot of JAV work lately, and her cute little fang teeth might explain why she's getting so popular over there.

Kid Fenris
Well, good for them. And just think: they'll have the weight advantage when talk shows force them into bizarre and sadistic competitions against rival pop groups!
If those lyric translations are even 25% accurate this has "fetish" written all over it.
The Mothership
And your point is??????

The Mothership
I would marry everything in this video.
Marino is mine. Hands off!

John Holmes Motherfucker
I like the cute perky one.

Dibs on the drapes

Adham Nu'man
SEE?! Just like I was saying before. We're in the middle of a J-pop Renaissance.
Why do their girl bands always have so many members?
stars for america donut at 4:05
Sweat drop through my breast (because I stopped air-con?)
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