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Desc:A hammer-toting assassin viscously goes through goons to get to her target.
Category:Classic Movies, General Station
Tags:subway, fight scene, hammer, ouch my everything, Julie Estelle
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Comment count is 15
Bort - 2015-01-06
Would give this 6 stars if she used barbecue tongs.

"Tongs", ha. I hilariate myself.
Lef - 2015-01-06
What the hell? What happens next? They kiss, right?
Adham Nu'man - 2015-01-06
Oldboy did it better with one less hammer.
infinite zest - 2015-01-06
Well it is the sequel.. if they made an Oldboy 2 he'd probably have 2 hammers or some other part-fitting tool *the part that fits in your skull* I liked Oldboy's Hammer scene more than this one, because it was a pretty groundbreaking cinematic moment, but I also haven't seen this movie, and now I kinda want to. Should I? Like, the last movie I saw was Only Lovers Left Alive, and while I liked it, there was no blood or vampire action. Jarmusch at least figured out a way to get a few swordfights into Ghost Dog.. I dunno, my friend's sick so I'm delivering her some DVD movies and could burn some new ones; would she scoff (or cough) at this one if she's more into art house fare?

infinite zest - 2015-01-06
You know what? While I appreciate any feedback or reviews, I'm gonna watch the fuck out of this. So far, I've seen girl with 2 hammers and boy with aluminum baseball bat beating the ever-loving shit out of people in suits and ties.

Wander - 2015-01-06
This scene is a direct reference to oldboy, a lot of the fight scenes in this movie are direct references to other films.

Thankfully the movie has like 30 action scenes and they're all good so devoting a few to other movies doesn't feel like a ripoff.

Snakeweapon - 2015-01-06
And the Oldboy scene is a direct reference to Sword Of Doom. We've got a 3rd generation idea here folks!

kingarthur - 2015-01-06
I loved Hammer Girl and I loved this movie. When do we get The Raid 3? Though i'm not sure Rama can take another adventure like a third Raid film one last time.

Isn't Rama in the new Star Wars films?
Meerkat - 2015-01-06
Little does she know he's wearing a hammer proof vest.
craptacular - 2015-01-06
i'm picturing a vest covered in rubber bubbles, like bubble wrap, which the hammer bounces off of like a bouncy castle

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-01-06
An emergency airbag vest could absorb at least one blow, buying him enough time to escape.

infinite zest - 2015-01-06
Please Hammer don't hurt em

Gmork - 2015-01-06
Nobody had a gun?
NancyDrewFan123 - 2015-01-06
Let's not forget her boyfriend, the baseball assassin
kingarthur - 2015-01-07
I was so sad when they died. They need to make a Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat movie.

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