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Desc:I really don't have any witty description for this one. I can't find the words.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:nerds, pokemon, yoga, wtf people
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wtf japan
For those who don't think Bikram Yoga is farty/sweaty/smelly enough.
Jet Bin Fever
Hey, anything to get shut ins moving I guess.
I stumbled across some really weird stuff while trying to find basic information about Yoga, but this and the laughter yoga are what really stuck out enough to submit.

My favorite part of this video is the 'ninja' at around 1:30, just because in the 20 seconds or so he's actually on screen, he needs to readjust his mask 4 or 5 times.
infinite zest
If you're gonna rave really hard and breakdance you're gonna experience some mask slippage.

Medic Girl's kinda really cute.

infinite zest
Also, Yoga's pretty fun. When I worked at a musical theatre organization we had free yoga classes in the morning on mondays and after work on wednesdays thanks to one of our fellow arts administrators. Since most people were there to get their costumes done, they'd just show up to class in their characters' costumes. At the time I had a regimen of about 10 games of Dance Dance Revolution, a shower and then a bike to work, and sitting mostly at a desk for 8-10 hours most days kind of destroyed my body, especially in wintertime when there's mostly rain and darkness, and taking advantage of those classes really helped, a lot more than I thought it would.

Between my job and home life, I spend most of my day hunched over a counter or cutting board, organizing shipping crates, or lifting/playing with my kids, so my back and legs are all kinds of messed up. I go to a masseuse fairly regularly which helps, but a lot of people recommended I look into yoga for similar effects.

I figured YouTube would be a great place to start and learn some basics, but found more cringe material that anything else.

Anyway, know a good place to start, zest?

Yoga's great. I've been lazy the last few months, but before that I was doing it once or twice a week. I always felt great afterwards and also I could look at butts.

Yoga is popular enough these days that you should have little problem just finding a class close to you. Forget learning on the Internet; just go.

I've found some good use with doyogawithme.com.

infinite zest
Yeah. I'd check out tutorial videos on youtube first, but even if you live in Nome Alaska there's probably a yoga place close by. And there is!


I'm no expert but I think the one I was doing was sort of a combination between Bikram and Zumba. Given the work it was mostly meant for the performers and not us desk jockeys (more often than not I'd have to flip a coin and decide on yoga or the pub immediately after work and the pub usually won the toss) so it was on the intense side, for yoga, but nothing backbreaking.

infinite zest
Also, this video's nothing short of amazing, especially coming from a news station. The fact that they took the time to spell out everyones' cosplay characters speaks volumes (I'd expect less from the local news) for the journalistic integrity of this newspaper. Sure, it's a little silly, but none of it seems voyeuristic or "weird", which is something that bothers me about the local news in my neck of the woods.

Upward facing palm.
That guy
good enough for 5

Stripes are slimming, but there is a limit. Also, shut up.
I'll never understand why teenage me wanted to go to an anime convention someday.

Thankfully I never had the money.
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