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Desc:Hoarding in a nutshell
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:insanity, short but sweet, hoarding, bobs burgers, dolls are fucking creepy
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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infinite zest
Is this from the new season? I keep missing episodes because the timeslot keeps changing and it doesn't work with my work schedule and then I forget because I was distracted by Top Ten Incense Animes, you know.. How's the new season so far? There were a few from S4 that didn't quite do it for me (and yes that includes the MLP episode; Teen Titans Go did it so much better, maybe because Tara Strong is on both shows(!?!))
Hulu is your friend.

KAT and Netflix.

How are those incest animes, by the way? I haven't had the opportunity to watch any yet, and would not want to waste my time on any that are not incesty enough.

infinite zest
Haha I'd never watch them (thanks autocorrect for changing it to incense) but I stand by what I said before, that a completely fictional illustrated fantasy is a better outlet than real-life fucking for some kid who has a strange attraction to his sibling. Back in college we had Shokushu Goukan nights and just sit around drinking beer and smoking pot and watch Miko get plowed by a bunch of tentacles. Somehow it didn't feel uncomfortable, not even as much as the tree rape scene in the original Evil Dead. So I dunno.. as far as MLP goes, have you seen the Teen Titans episode? Here's a clip.

(bit of a spoiler but they're like 10 minute episodes so it's not hard to figure out the context anyway..)


Rodents of Unusual Size
The MLP convention episode of Bob's Burgers was amazing.

I can't stand to look at their dumpy, shitty faces.

Gmork hates most things.

IZ- I did see the Teen Titan's clip! It's here on PoE somewhere. I enjoyed it, but I also enjoyed the Equestronauts episode of Bob's Burgers. (it's also worth pointing out that there is a photograph of Tina and Pinkie Pie in the Belcher's house; it is next to their stairs, and has been visible in the background of numerous episodes)


And speaking of that, you saw the painting I was doing in honor of the MLP crossover episode, yes? If not, here is an older photo of it:


The finished copy, which I have not yet photographed for some reason, has been on display at the Bridgeport library. They said they were looking for military veteran's art, so I figured this would be a good thing to submit.

Caminante Nocturno
It would be even creepier if she was throwing them a party or something like that.
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