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ashtar. - 2015-01-10

I sort of thought she was dead. Glad she's okay.
Well, I mean, not "okay" in the conventional sense of the word, but still at more or less her status quo.

Needtodestroy - 2015-01-11

Her channel has descended into short video clip postings of random license plates while she repeats the numbers. Sometimes she posts 15-20 times a day. Mostly in rapid succession while she is on the street traveling from place to place, which is of course because thats the only place gang-stalking would happen supposedly, while you are out amongst people.

It's like clockwork. I've learned a lot about her. Family history, siblings, etc. Even figured how long she's been descending into this state (around 5 years).

That said, I find a weird self-fulfilling prophecy in her. While I am not stalking, nor am I physically doing so (POE Prime Directive in effect) it's odd that just by the sheer quantity of information she is sharing about herself she is essentially doxxing herself. Simply by glancing at her postings you receive a firehose of information.

In regards to her treatment, the first moment she was back on the street trying to get work in Boston she flipped out and made a video. It seemed like a worse lash out than any other video I've seen aside from when she assaults or accosts another person. She is screaming over regular street traffic and at a group of construction workers outside of her temp agency.

It appeared that the treatment was working when she was staying in the hospital, a location where there weren't many other people for her to interact with.The moment she was out in public again though, BOOM, everyone is "out to get her" by being construction workers doing their job tearing up a street she walks on.

I've come to understand that she believes that people coughing, sneezing or sniffling around her are referencing her "dry vagina" (literally her words). It's the first clear thing I've come to understand about some of the function of her psychosis.

It's one hell of a case study.

I joked with my partner recently that she should set up a Patreon to receive donations for making videos.

She has more output than PewDiePie and she's more interesting let's be honest.

Needtodestroy - 2015-01-11

Her Polyvore account as mentioned down the page:

Scroll fast and watch a descent into madness.

EnochEmery - 2015-01-10

She's been staying at a Crisis Center lately after being in several mental hospitals in the Boston area. She'll go to the emergency room, demand immediate attention, and then refuse treatment, accusing the doctors and nurses of "sexual harassment" because they cough or rub their noses. She stays in the ward a week or two, makes a pain of herself, then goes to the next one. One doctor apparently tried to have her involuntarily committed and treated but she went to court and won. She's been posting her medical records at her written blog and they say pretty much what you'd expect. A common theme: she shows "poor or no insight" into her condition. She's a royal pain in the ass and seems to be intent on single-handedly bankrupting the Massachusetts mental health system. It's like she's working for the Scientologists.
She's been having an on again off again love-hate relationship with singer John Mayer, who is apparently "hacking" her phone, as is Obama and a host of other celebrities ala Crazy Gail.
A few weeks ago she spit in the face of some poor guy who was walking by and touched his nose on the subway and almost got arrested. She posted that episode on her youtube channel.

Scrimmjob - 2015-01-10

Also notable, somewhere recently she posted a video where you can see her face, which I know people had speculated about.

EnochEmery - 2015-01-10

Titled: "If I had wanted to be in pornographic movies, why would I do it for free?"
This is a reference to her continuing obsession that people are surreptitiously filming her in bathrooms and posting the videos on the internet despite her inability to find said videos. This is, according to her, Obama's fault.

infinite zest - 2015-01-10

I'm glad to know she's alright. I have mentioned it here before, but my girlfriend at the time's mom turned out moving in to our apartment complex and would dig around the dumpster looking for her uterus, which Obama put there, or something along those lines. Also her phone lines were tapped and the upstairs neighbors were drilling holes in the ceiling all the time to spy on her. Whenever she'd get the cops called on her and get put in a hospital she'd be totally normal, so they had no choice but to let her go. At the time I couldn't understand how somebody's own daughter could be so mean as to want to go to trial to get her own mom locked up, but after a period of time I understood that it was for her own good that she was institutionalized. I wish nothing but the best for both these individuals.

Callamon - 2015-01-10

@EnochEmery It's almost like mentally ill people are not in control of their actions.

Needtodestroy - 2015-01-11

So, I'm not the only one keeping tabs then?

You should see her Google+ account. She put all of her hospital docs there.

Also, her Polyvore account is a special kind of thing in the StalkedInBoston ouvre.

EnochEmery - 2015-01-11

I've been following her mostly to make sure nobody gets in trouble from one of her false claims of stalking/sexual harassment/child abuse. She's tried to get people fired or in trouble with the law based on her delusions in the past. So far most people in authority seem to figure her out, but she can be pretty cagey and I wouldn't be surprised if some dumb cop bought one of her stories and hassled some poor slob in the subway or in another public place. She's called the cops a few times on people and made nasty allegations. Her latest claim is that there are hidden cameras in the locker rooms at the Chinatown YMCA and she's demanding an investigation. She recently accused the director of the crisis center she's staying at of "sexual harassment", outing her by name at her written blog.
Yes, she most often is not in control of her behavior because of her illness but interestingly, and I've seen this in other schizophrenics, she is able to control herself in circumstances where she may be threatened with a loss of her freedom. She was able to talk her way out of a recent attempt to commit her and she knows exactly when not to push it too far with cops and other authority figures. It's an interesting phenomenon.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-10

I know it'd be cruel, but it'd be interesting to claim her use of image stabilization is a sign she's... oh, I don't know, secretly a member of a conspiracy to discredit Llamas worldwide.

That guy - 2015-01-11

I'm glad I don't have an opinion on her well-being.

That guy - 2015-07-28

also, stop 5-starring yourself, you sonofabitch

Gmork - 2015-01-11

Hard to feel sorry for so much toxic crazy. I sympathize for her situation but don't empathize with any of her behavior. She's someone you'd want to avoid, at all times.

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