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Desc:Dedicated to.. you know who you are.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:diapers, kangaroo, anteater, john cena, thug life
Submitted:infinite zest
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Jet Bin Fever
Fun fact, whereas humans and other animals have a tongue that attaches to their throat, the tongue of an anteater is attached to their sternum.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I'm vaguely worried about these animals. Consider, what kind of person has an anteater that they dress in a little waistcoat *and* a kangaroo that they dress in a t-shirt + diaper?
Maggot Brain
I kind of get why you'd put a kangaroo a sweatshirt and a diaper. Where ever they are looks cold and kangaroos are very lean animals also I imagine they are not the easiest animals to house train.

But let's not belittle point; who the hell has a kangaroo?!

No one owns these animals they are just squatting. This is what goes on in your house when you aren't around.

Maggot Brain
That is the saddest thought ever. A bunch of exotic animals squatting in some abandoned track housing, going through the various throws of a hard core drug addiction that the picked up from their previous owner, Possibly the former owner of Douchebag Manor. You remember, this guy...


Track housing? Like, on rails?

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