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chumbucket - 2015-01-13

It should have just skipped that entire dumb opening. Those Lisa Bonet pants need to stop.

Cube - 2015-01-13

You'd like Lisa Bonet to be without pants, is what you're saying?

Nominal - 2015-01-13

As a standalone joke it's not that good and way too drawn out.

In context this whole thing is getting crazy. Nobody had this reaction to The Naked Gun movies after the O.J. trial, where a man was 99% proven in a court of law to have murdered 2 people. In fact, a lot of people joked that it made the movie funnier!

Bort - 2015-01-13

I think people feel a lot more confident about Cosby's guilt. With OJ you heard about various bits of evidence but there were no witnesses. Where Cosby is concerned, though, there are 20+ witnesses, and it's pretty much inconceivable that all of them are lying / mistaken.

And I think people feel betrayed too: Cosby always passing himself off as the sort of guy you could trust, a model citizen and all.

And, we're at a point where we take taking women seriously seriously: it's no longer enough to say "sorry honey but since you didn't file the correct paperwork at the time it's just your word against his". These days, the fact that the allegation was made at all matters, in the court of public opinion anyway. Yeah there are risks to that*, but there aren't many circumstances where a frivolous accusation of rape is going to be made either.

*: That's what worries non-rapey guys: if all accusations are considered proof or something close to it, how do you prove you didn't rape someone? Fatty Arbuckle went through hell over a false accusation, ruined his life and reputation and career.

infinite zest - 2015-01-13

Also with OJ it was this whole media frenzy where we saw his face every day, the bronco chase, Kato Kalein.. I'm pretty sure I was watching the OJ trial before I saw the Naked Gun movies. So for me it wasn't like "oh that's funny" or "why didn't they censor his scenes?" In that case it's kind of like, if his scenes were censored out (which they very well may be on television) we might as well not acknowledge the Sex Pistols' music, or at the very least, re-dub the bass and Sid's vocals. Plus, OJ's parts in the movies were small, funny excuses to watch a former pro football player get it in the nuts or fall off a building, whatever it was that kept happening to him. He was hardly a role model to anyone outside of the football playing community, as far as I know.

And it sucks, but sports and musical celebrities get an easier pat on the shoulder. Like Kobe Bryant, whose rape allegation was settled out of court, and was back on the court the very next week.

SolRo - 2015-01-13

OJ was always a bit character in the Naked Gun movies, but I honestly haven't seen any of them (that he played a role in) since the trial...not that I've been avoiding them or anything, they just didn't get broadcast enough for me to get to watch them, which did seem to be a conscious decision on the network's part.

I should have re-watched them with a bottle of something strong when Leslie Nielsen died, but just didn't get to it.

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