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Desc:25-year veteran of Erlanger, OH Police Dept non-lethally shoots self in gut. Stay for the end
Tags:Donuts, Cops, cop shoot cop
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 22
Man down! Call for backup!
The Mothership
Why did he draw his weapon?
wtf japan
His assailant was clearly armed, so the officer was definitely authorized to use lethal force. If you watch carefully, you can see that the officer wasn't aiming center mass when he discharged his pistol, so I think we should all applaud his restraint.

A cop sees a black man, what else is he supposed to do?

infinite zest
I was watching my little bro at Special Olympics Golf last year, and everyone's teamed with a partner without a developmental disability, one of which was an off-duty cop, who loved nothing more than to take out his gun and show it off, twirl it around Robocop style and put it back in his holster, on the golf course, like some parlor trick. It looks like our friend here was doing something similar to impress his wife when the inevitable happened. I really hope that cop's not back this year.

Oscar Wildcat
Be fair, Bort. The black man he shot was clearly armed.

If only the cop had been just a tiny bit faster he might have outdrawn the black guy.

Oscar Wildcat
It's like the premise of a long lost Phillip K Dick novel.

That guy
ok Bort
we are swarn enemies, but I know when to give stars

That guy
I typed 'swarn' when I meant to type 'swarm'.

That guy
Whoops, I meant we are warm enemies.

Binro the Heretic
Did you mean "worn"?

He misunderstood the Good Cop, Bad Cop routine.
best use of the cop shoot cop tag
Adham Nu'man
These PUA techniques are just getting ludicrous.
fake....there should have been a massive pool of blood.
Robin Kestrel
Were the donuts okay?
That guy
something hilarious about even bothering to pick up of doughnuts in the middle of all of that

Won't somebody please think of the donuts???

Syd Midnight
I don't see whats odd. She wasn't thinking about the value of donuts, she was just thinking to grab everything and remove it from the elevator before the elevator could wander off.

What I noticed is that she picked up the shell casing, which is either quick thinking (better grab this evidence before it disappears) or not thinking at all (BETTER GRAB EVERYTHING).

I'd have stuck the purse in the elevator door to keep it there. Well actually I'd have screamed and stood there running in place for a minute, but now that I am prepared I will scream then jam the door if someone shoots themselves in my elevator.

Quit making a mockery of affirmative action hiring!
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