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Desc:The sequel to poetv.com/video.php?vid=141602
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Conan OBrien, chinese, China, rip-off
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Comment count is 14
That guy
I was hoping they would make a ridiculously cliché American opening sequence for Conan.
Shoebox Joe
Ditto. But this is fine!

I thought about it, prayed on it, rubbed out a couple over it, and I've decided that the conan bit is racist.

the rickshaw part of it is the clincher...they might as well have danced in straw hats with squinty eyes to follow it up.

That guy
you're such a tremendous dumbfuck solro
I want to meet the actor who plays you

I'd be offended if someone here with half a brain said that, but coming from you, it's like having George Bush calling me a retard.

I feel like they meant for it to be ironically racist, but the irony maybe doesn't come through well enough.

Whoa, that got violent quickly.

That guy
According to you two, nowadays racism doesn't have to be a harmful untruth or harmful over-emphasis, it just has to refer to some well-know piece of cultural heritage that is typical, and be done from a group that liberals automatically suspect.

Good job dumbfucks. Keep giving anyone even an inch to the political right of you reasons to dismiss liberalism and tolerance out of hand.

Because the important thing is having such stupidly high standards for avoiding the charge of racism that we know who's ON OUR TEAM and who is NOT ON OUR TEAM.

Straight white males on tv jokingly refer to typical historic Chinese culture, because they "don't know what else to do"?

I thought it was meant to be ironically clueless, but for all we know, the whole "incident" could have been staged or cleverly edited...

There is so much apologizing happening between these two shows that I'm looking for the Filmed in Canada credit.
That guy
You know why Presbyterians don't have orgies, right?

...waiting for the punchline.

That guy
Too many "Thank You" notes to write.

Fuck. That was for the Presbyterian joke.

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