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Desc:The extra ending for yesterday's special (and a trailer for season 6)
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Adult Swim, Crash Test Dummies, Venture Bros.
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Comment count is 9
Okay, a small gripe. I'm glad they disposed of the things that simply didn't work (those wacky-racin' Councilmen, the GCI itself) and the things they didn't know what to do next with (JJ, the Venture compound). But why the hell is Sergeant Hatred still around? Every single scene he's in is the worse for his presence.
Kid Fenris
The GCI was okay early on, when it came across as some vaguely insidious organization too large and bureaucratic to care much about the main characters. It became a boondoggle once the show started exploring it too much.

Right about the point the Guild started keeping the Monarch from arching Dr. Venture, the Guild needed to go. That would have been season 3 or so, so I'm glad they're finally getting around to it.


Sexy Duck Cop
Venture Brothers is like a proof of concept on why marathoning a TV show is better than watching it in realtime.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I thought they had cancelled this.
Kid Fenris
Does this show have any recurring female characters who aren't love interests? Strange question, maybe, but seeing all of the cast rounded up here reminded me of how overwhelmingly male the lineup is.
The Great Hippo
To be fair, the things the show parodies have overwhelmingly male-dominated casts, but that's really not much of an excuse, yeah.

This show briefly lost me after the high mark of the Monarch's wedding (after that, it seemed to start meandering), but some clips I've seen here and there have resparked my interest. I might try to work my way through the seasons I skipped.

For the Crash Test Dummies bit.
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