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Desc:I just sent this to my friend who is having eye surgery today
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:Aliens, eye, surgery, scifi, probe
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Binro the Heretic
An advanced species that perfected interstellar travel decided to go with a steampunk motif?
and goes around kidnapping rednecks before saran-wrapping them for shits and giggles?

Alright, so later on in the piece, ol' Travis slides down a McPlayplace slide into a pool made of a living guy's guts.

This movie has amazing, nightmarish aesthetics that are cool but make no practical sense. Even Jeffrey Dahmer had a rationale.

infinite zest
Holy shit I remember seeing this in the theatre when I was like 11. My dad had to have cataract surgery last year and I sent him An Andalusian Dog and he was like "fuck you" but I think it helped. I had to get a small benign tumor behind my ear removed last summer and just watched the cyst popping videos on here before the operation..

This is creepy and terrifying, but it's not what "actually" happened.

The script writer thought Travis' original abduction story so boring they made that part up.
Macho Nacho
I read the Travis story and watched some documentaries on it and I gotta agree with the script writer that it's kinda of boring but at the same time quite interesting.

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