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Desc:I know, I submit all of these, but this one is really cool
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:sparks, magnets, blendtec, dont breathe this, neodymium
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Comment count is 12
My mom got a Blendtec last year. The motor was completely dead in about six months from nothing but modest use making smoothies, but at least she got a refund.

These videos are cool but the blenders are criminally overpriced.
It takes millions to make these videos (*cough* cocaine *cough*), it all has to come out of something.


A blender that blends twice as bright, burns out in half the time.

I've got a Ninja 1100 watt model (0) and it treats me just fine; it is capable of turning ice into snow which means it is probably as powerful as I will ever have need for. I still can't find that many uses for my Ninja blender, though; the complete list so far is:

- Smoothies

- Turning ice into snow and throwing snowballs at children in July

- blending pickles so I can mix them in with my lentils

- pulping foods when a family member was going through some Bell's Palsy (all better now)

If you have to spend on a kitchen gadget, save your money for a Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System (0 - 0). Just today I used mine to make hash browns with no oil, a loaf of bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, and lentils with blended pickles. The Ninja does more work for me than the oven, stove, toaster oven, and microwave combined.

I got a refurbished blendtec a little over a year ago and still love it. The rubber seal in the original jar came apart several months ago, but it was under warranty and they sent me a new one without any hassle. It's by far the best blender I've ever used.

I think I see why they're so expensive; to cover the easy warranty replacements (which isn't a bad thing per se)

Oscar Wildcat
Those little guys are pyrophoric.
My blender, it's full of stars.

I have a feeling this dust would be especially bad to breathe.
The God of Biscuits
Don't breathis
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