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That guy - 2015-01-25


Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2015-01-26

I thought that was people who played Quake.

Jet Bin Fever - 2015-01-25

I don't think your odor is your problem, man.

fedex - 2015-01-25

it's like watching a gay Har-Mar Superstar talk about smells

Crab Mentality - 2015-01-26

I didn't make it far in to this video, I made it about as far as the point where he can't count properly.

Personally, I want to smell neutral, as in, nobody noticing how I smell. It's hard enough finding deodorant, bodywash, et cetera that isn't branded in a douchebag way.

Mister Yuck - 2015-01-27

I've been using a mix of half baking soda half corn starch as my deodorant for the last year and a half. Works great, doesn't stink like frat boy, and costs next to nothing.

Nikon - 2015-01-26

Is it Predacon or Maximal scent?

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2015-01-26

That's a totally beastmode t-shirt he's wearing there.

The Mothership - 2015-01-26

Two things I love about this:

1. The ridiculous origin of the term 'beast mode'. (which I don't think is right...is it?)

2. The realization that there are perfume fetishists out there making videos about their hobby.....which is perfume.

wtf japan - 2015-01-27

They're called Persians.

Lef - 2015-01-27

wtf japan, these are yours.

The Mothership - 2015-01-27

I work with a lot of international students at the university, and oh my god do the Iranian kids bathe in scent. They leave behind the invisible trail, the room still smells like their cologne for minutes after their visit.

yogarfield - 2015-01-27

Paging Marshawn Lynch.

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