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Desc:They are helping to liberate this prison planet from the Greys and Reptilians.
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:Aliens, youtube
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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For further research, see Jupiter Ascending

Alright then.
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, I think I handled their space ships back when I did lighting for stage shows.
Spaceman Africa
This guy's channel is full of dozens of these "Star Races" videos, he even made a movie with dialogue entirely in text-to-speech programs
It's interesting that so many of those wackjobs out there have agreed upon certain concepts, such as the Greys, Reptilians and Procyonians/Nordics/Swedes, and basically created a kind of shared mythos.
It's almost as if people make stuff up to believe in and try to pass it on to others, even though it's 100% crap.

Never mind. Who's up for church?

The worst thing about these whack jobs is the fact that all of their "mythos" focus on human beings as if we are something special in the universe.

You mean there isn't an all-powerful force that wants humans to come live with it for all eternity?

Hang on, this sounds familiar...

This might be the newest true mythos - a fictional world created not for entertainment but to be believed in, like the Greco-Roman pantheon.

Procyonians | Pleasure Planet's Perfect People

Jet Bin Fever
dat ass!

Ship Shape
Thats the color wheel that lights up an aluminum christmas tree.
I love how the "good" aliens are always the most human-looking, and the most aryan to boot. I love how the "bad" aliens usually have features that people generally dislike like scales or buglike eyes.

They're totally real, guys! I know they look like "what a human would come up with" , but they are real! Make sure to only trust the white ones!
All the Star Races featured in Piperon's videos want to guide or simply observe humanity. There are no bad aliens here. Even the Vegans are good:


Oops, I suppose the Dinonoids are the bad guys:

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