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Desc:The brand used to be called water dynamite, but they changed it to little dynamite.
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:fireworks, firecracker, toilet, jackassery
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 21

PS those are the GOOD kind of "black-cat" style medium sized firecrackers.

They had the green wick like an M80 or M90 does. And they have the water-resistant red outter wrapping with paraffin or whatever... so you can toss them in a pool and pretend they're depth charges and you're hunting for the red october :P
PS water doesn't compress. What a dingus! He basically hit the inside of his porcelain throne with a sledgehammer made of water.
yeah it does

I want a mythbusters episode on this, so we can know if it was the compressed explosive force or the water hammer afterwards that broke the toilet.

Any gas, solid, or liquid can be compressed. Just takes differing amounts of effort.

Robin Kestrel
Nitpicking. Water can be compressed a very tiny amount under specific conditions using special equipment. For all practical real life purposes, liquids are not compressible, or we wouldn't have things like hydraulic systems.

Oscar Wildcat
It's vertically aligned and close if not on the bottom of the bowl. The shock induced crack propagates out from the center of the cracker. I think it's the primary shock and not the follow on reflections. With the water on top of the cracker it's like a shaped charge. Damn.

Black Cat took their most brisant cracker and waterproofed it, making sure it could sink. Someone actually designed this firework specifically to destroy toilets. I am impressed. It clearly works like a charm. Hat's off to Black Cat.


5 ghost stars for the banality of oddeye. He probably thinks he just gave us new information.

No, just correct information. Try it sometime.

That guy
"Hey, um... Dad?

Are you in a good mood right now?"
Yeah, I would have been at the bottom of the nearest river if my parents found out I did this.

Yeah, that's a paddlin.

If I was lucky, it would only be a paddling and all the lawn moving/snow shoveling money I made until I paid back it's replacement.

infinite zest
I'm assuming (or hoping) it's just a couple of college-age kids fucking around in their apartment. Note the broken toilet paper thing and general uncleanliness of the toilet. Only young single males live like this.

I really want to know what they thought was going to happen.
Eh, they were kids. They thought they'd get a tiny geyser, have a quick laugh, and do it again.

But yeah, Physics, bitch.

That guy
something cool but not that bad but awesome and not all fucked up but pretty sick

infinite zest
Seems like in the related ones (who knew there were so many) it kinda just creates a big splash. Which begs the question: why is this a thing in the first place? I could see some fun in throwing this into a (fishless) pond or big puddle or something, but the least that can happen is a watery mess in your bathroom, or things like this. This is why god invented the outdoors, kids.

Oscar Wildcat
I found myself asking this same question and laughing all last evening. What the hell was he expecting to happen? The little fuckers are _designed_ specifically to destroy toilets. Their shock and surprise was as amusing as the event itself.

I'm guessing they saw the Simpsons episode where Bart flushed a cherry bomb at school while Principal Chalmers was on the toilet.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
That's how you kill submarines.
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