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Desc:I couldn't find it, so here's a dupe if it's already here, which it should be
Category:Music Videos, Electronic Dance Industrial Ambient
Tags:electro, synthwave, horrorwave
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infinite zest
It's on here,


but is still awesome. I feel like back in the day you could search for a band in 73Q and it would pull potTV's results, and the other way around, but it doesn't seem to anymore.

Oh well, for whatever reason this is more awesome now than when I saw it before.
Jet Bin Fever
Its a dupe, but you're forgiven. I could handle this being posted a couple hundred times.
same here, retrowave 4EVAR

Caminante Nocturno
There's no such thing as too much Perturbator.
In situations where some people would insist there is or has been too much Perturbator I would tell them that there hadn't been nearly enough for my tastes.

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