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Desc:The warrior Deathstalker is hard to kill, but the evil wizard Munkar has a plan...a stupid plan.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:1980s, rape, Roger Corman, gender swap, schlock
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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Comment count is 19
"Let's get you something to wear," said Ass Naked Under the Robes.
Binro the Heretic
Even in a movie comprised entirely of stupid scenes, this one stood out.

There's another scene where some dude with a pig face...and I'm not sure if his actual face is supposed to be a pig's face or if he's just wearing a pig mask, tears off a man's arm and beats another man with it.
That rapist fella supposed to be the good guy then?
Binro the Heretic
He's a rip-off of Conan the Barbarian as Robert E. Howard originally envisioned him. So he's not exactly a hero, but his rapin' 'n' killin' occasionally on accident helps people.

was conan a rapist then?

Only when the bitch were askin' for it.

Binro the Heretic
In the original pulp fiction stories & novels, Conan was a pretty rapey guy, yes.

Yeah, news flash, a barbarian was a rapey, killy, theify sort of guy.

Dr. Lobotomy
Read the public domain "The Frost Giant's Daughter", the whole thing is basically Conan going on an insane rampage through a frozen wasteland to rape the said daughter.

The rampant killing and doing whatever the fuck he wants is pretty cool but why make him a rapist? Might as well make him a pedo or a camel puncher too.

Yes, yes... why NOT make him a pedo or a camel puncher too...?

Pretty sure some of his ladies were in their early teens as well. Yeah, Conan was a protagonist, not a good guy.

Wouldn't be surprised if a camel got punched somewhere along the line.

When he's not plotting to kill deathstalker, the evil dude is giving sex change operations to the hapless villagers.
Oscar Wildcat
Frankenfurter is too embarrased to deal with Rocky directly, so he changes Brad into Janet to get the job done. Things don't go as planned, but it gets pretty steamy all the same.
Barbi Benton had a firm pair.
Worst combover I've ever seen.
Did he squash a spider with his head?
Honestly it seems like a pretty good plan to me.
Jet Bin Fever
Deathstalker 2 is one of the best movies ever made. This one is a little more rapey and a little less tongue-in-cheek
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