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Desc:what it says on the sardine tin.
Category:Stunts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:fat, BMW, clown car
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Comment count is 20
Gmork - 2015-02-08
If this was "portal of fat" i might use it as a new fapzone but that's not why I come here.
Adham Nu'man - 2015-02-08


fedex - 2015-02-08
what, no party hat?!

ashtar. - 2015-02-08
I'm not sure your creepy fetish is any less offensive to the fat than making fun of them.

yogarfield - 2015-02-08


EvilHomer - 2015-02-09
How fat are you, gmork? Not making fun of you, just wondering, as I've noticed that fat acceptance is one of your "issues".

fedex - 2015-02-08
infinite zest - 2015-02-08
To quote The Simpsons, "everyone needs to drive a vehicle, even the very (insert size proportion here)" but why would you what I'm assuming is 60,000 bucks on a small car that's so difficult to get into or out of if you're that size? I mean, I saw a pair of boots on sale that I really liked the other day, but they were size 10 and I'm a 12. I'm sure I could squeeze into them but why would I want to?
Adham Nu'man - 2015-02-08
She won the car when she was Mrs Nebraska 2 years ago.

oddeye - 2015-02-08
she ate the previous 2 owners

infinite zest - 2015-02-08
haha ghost stars for the both of you

fedex - 2015-02-08
It's the only way she will ever go fast.

fedex - 2015-02-08
...now that I think about it, clearly the inspiration for Turbo.

infinite zest - 2015-02-08
teehee.. also extra stars for the high school band rendition of Zarathustra. It's full of stars tonight, my god.

bopeton - 2015-02-08
I like how she has to work up to it before even planting a foot,
BHWW - 2015-02-08
I have a fat story. One day I was at a small restaurant, more of an enclosed lunch counter really. In line ahead of me were this couple, both really obese. 300+lbs range, each, easily. They ordered large shakes and left. I sat down after placing my to-go order and went to sit down in a booth to wait.

After a few minutes the fat man came hobbling back in and asked me if I'm the owner of the Ford parked out front. I said "Um, yes?"

"You need to move it now, it's too close to our car."

I could look right outside the window and see my car was parked between the white lines exactly in the middle of it's parking space. There was half a foot of space to both the left and the right of my car. I looked then at their car, the woman standing next to it. It was also directly in between the white lines.

Regardless, I responded in a cordial manner and told him I'd be happy to my car after my order was filled since I was going to be leaving anyway, gesturing toward the counter where my drink was already waiting on a tray and the people behind the counter were just about done fixing up the soup/sandwich combo I had ordered.

The fat man was halfway out the door as I finished my saying this, then he spun around and said sternly, "No! You'll move it now!" He actually wagged his finger at me as he said this.

"Fine," I said, and headed out to get this over with.

"My girlfriend can't even get in the door 'cause you're too close!" the fat man snapped at me.

So I looked at him and said, "That's not my fault." and walked out the door. As I got in my car the woman murmured a few apologetic words, I said "Eh, don't worry about it," as I got in my car.

Then the fat man steps outside and exclaimed very loudly to his gf "OH HEY! It's not his fault!" with a really over-the-top sarcastic tone.
oddeye - 2015-02-09
Your name almost kinda spells BMW, coincidence?

chumbucket - 2015-02-09
"HEY HEY HEY! It's nooooot his fault!"

Rafiki - 2015-02-09
Hahaha, picking up her own leg because she's too fat to lift it.

Also: BBW Gets Out of BMW.
betabox - 2015-02-09
Wow. Those things have really long seatbelts.
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