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Desc:clap clap clapclapclap
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, kitty, honk, short and sweet
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Comment count is 12
'short and sweet' tag
infinite zest
Spoiler alert without a spoiler in sight.. car puns are hard.

I'm sad that there will be people who will try to improve upon this by trying to make it even wackier.
infinite zest


infinite zest
I'm ashamed by the 30 seconds of effort I put into mine now.. This Gordon Shumway's got a bright future; I'm not gonna be all Salieri on this one, he certainly is the best.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I dont know why I like this video sooo much.
Aw, he's just like my Russian Blue.
infinite zest
There used to be one in my apartment complex. For lack of a better analogy it was the complex from The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Anyway the Russian Blue was always my favorite. I swear he teleported into my apartment one time because my housemates were out of town and the windows and doors were closed and there he was on top of the stove.

Just for the description.
That guy
Eat that, Bu˝uel!
infinite zest
Le Discreet Charm of BEEP

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