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Desc:Planet of the Apes meets Homeward Bound, perhaps a response to White Dog?
Category:Trailers, Pets & Animals
Tags:dogs, french, Revolution, Dogegory, bite the hand that feeds
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Comment count is 12
The movie looks interesting but i don't quite understand the extra fee for registering a mutt thing. I understand a fee to register the dog but why would it be higher if the dog was mixed breed? also is it so prohibitively expensive that the guy would abandon the dog?
It seems like a sort of frou-frou French dog genetic cleansing whereby they want stricter controls over mixed breeds to me.

Also, this movie looks terrible.

Oscar Wildcat
The city is under siege! Rattle the kibble bowl and summon Cat Man!
The scenes read a little too friendly. "Who's the best revolutionary ever?!? You are! Yes, you are!"
Maggot Brain
Looks like tripe but at lest i'm not pissed off as I was when I saw that "robot with a soul" trailer.
Maggot Brain
Oh, just got it, the dogs a a metaphor for ethnic minorities. It's okay, people, you can all go home now.

The Great Hippo
And in the end, they're all saved by the love of a little white girl.

Just like in real life!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Who let them out!
You're only free when you let yourselves out! Wake up Sheepdogs!

Who? Whowho? Who? Who?

Binro the Heretic
I hope the dad gets mauled by the pack of dogs.

What an asshole.
infinite zest
Aw man, this isn't going to be playing anywhere near me :(
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