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Desc:Pipeline jerks probably thought it was safe to transport fuel. They were wrong.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Jerks, Pipeline, just cause, just cause 3
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Jimmy Labatt
We need a "trailers with no actual gameplay" tag. Gains a star for a damn catchy rendition of a song I thought long dead and buried.
You mean you don't have the version by Gene Simmons on heavy rotation like the rest of us?


infinite zest
Yeah.. I was watching The Packers with my dad and a commercial for some new game came on and my dad was like "that looks about as realistic as 7th Guest" and I wanted to tell him that there was a difference between the two, pops.. why focus on non-game gameplay when in some games now it's indistinguishable?

infinite zest
What Holiday 2015? The regular ones or the kids that I like to celebrate!!?!?!

Chocolate Jesus
infinite flummery
infinite hooey
infinite twaddle

infinite zest
Vanilla Jesus

Oh, and for those interested. This is the song...


Fuck yes! I mean, there's no possible way they can screw up Just Cause 3, right? The core features of the series - the huge world, the crazy environments, the BASE jumping - those really can't be translated over into a CoD or Assassin's Creed style game, so for once I'm optimistic!

... of course, that might just be what THEY want us to think. Maybe that's why THEY aren't showing us the gameplay footage.


That crucifix should be lacerating his stupid face all the way down.

If he were a lesser man, maybe.

I just hope he still has his 'infinity parachutes' superpower.

According to the latest previews there are infinite wingsuits, parachutes, C4, and multiple simultaneous grapples. Air supply drops are free.

Jet Bin Fever
Rico looks pretty different so there's that, I guess? Otherwise, nothing to be gleaned from this.
Pretty fun game, but even on a .50 steam sale i only played just cause 2 for about 20 hours. Parachute/grapple is fun and all, but the entire setting bores me. It's more about strapping civilians to compressed air/gas cylinders and watching them skyrocket into oblivion, or hooking cars that are chasing you onto the ground and watching them destroy themselves with physics.

I just couldn't slog through the story. Ugh. Some of the missions were pretty fun, but others were just tedious. Same thing with saints row 4 - you can't make me care about controlling every corner of the map when I don't really like the map to begin with. Rockstar is still the king of freeform sandbox world creators. Just Cause 2 is wonderful and I'm glad it exists, I just lose interest quicker than you'd think for someone who's always obsessing about physics-based things.
it was fun to do all this crazy shit in and drag people around by helicopter but the story was a slog.

90% of Just Cause was just trying to be completionist. The story doesn't really take that long to finish (there's only 5 story missions), but after that doing the factions, the collectables, and the rest of it is just pure fuckin' intensity. I dunno about PC, but on Xbox there isn't even any achievement for getting 100 completion so I assumed they didn't expect anyone to do it. My playtime was close to 70-80 hours and I managed to get something like 74.95% with 75% being the highest completion there was any sort of recognition for.

Just Cause 2 mission: Assist 4 criminals in jumpsuits.

Totally different Just Cause 2 mission: Assist 4 criminals in different-colored jumpsuits.

Just cause faction mission dialogue;

faction 1 "You better cover me while hack the computers"

faction 2 "You better cover me while hack the computers"

faction 3 "You better cover me while hack the computers"

Slog just seems like more and more the appropriate term. I explored a ton of the island, I just didn't care about the completionist stuff. Turned me off from the game, because not having things done or at least mostly done bugs me.

Different priorities in game design. If you want to be told a story about a rich, balding asshole who drinks wheatgrass smoothies and aspires to be a film director, you go to GTA. If you want to strap civilians to gas cylinders and watch them skyrocket into oblivion, you go to Just Cause.

Chocolate Jesus
teaser trailer
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